Francisco Bustos is a Pastor, Higuito Baptist Church, Higuito, Costa Rica

BustosFamily2024 (2)Francisco is pastor of Higuito Baptist Church in Higuito, Costa Rica. Higuito is located on the southern edge of the San Jose metropolitan area. Francisco has been serving at this church since 2003, first as a Sunday School teacher and helping in youth ministry, as well as in music ministry, and since 2015, as pastor. Francisco is one of three Costa Rican pastors who partnered with Grace Bible Church to establish Academia Ministerial Cristiana (AMC). In addition to pastoring the Higuito church, Francisco serves on the board of AMC and shares the load of teaching some courses. 

As a child, Francisco attended a Pentecostal church with his parents, but by age 13, his parents left the church for Mormonism and as a teen, Francisco completely rejected God for a time. In his late teens, a coworker persistently invited him to church. When he finally gave in and went, the pastor’s message brought sincere
conviction to Franciso. His conscience showed him his need for Christ who could remove the anger, rebellion, and misery that dominated his life. This transformation woke in Franciso the desire to read the scriptures and know his Savior more and to be with other Christians. In 2003, he began serving as a children’s Sunday School teacher. As he saw other needs in the church, he began serving there also. By 2015, the congregation ordained him as a pastor in the church and he has remained in ministry there since that time. Francisco married his wife, Carolina, in 2013. They have 4 young children, Samuel, Samantha, Daniel, Daniela, and also care for Carolina's sister Gabriela.