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Mission Conference - Workshops

Mid week on March 16th, instead of meeting with our community groups, we’ll meet together at GBC at 7:00 p.m. for a Workshop / Micro – Seminary course on “Doctrine Matters: Why Good Theology is Important to Mission”.


• Pastor Doug Thompson, from Middletown Bible Church and Cornerstone Seminary will be teaching on Pneumatology - The doctrine of the Holy Spirit. He'll address how a right or wrong understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit affects how we reach out and make disciples.

• Pastor Chris Kiiskinen will speak on how the sovereignty of God affects mission. One of the key questions he will answer is "If God is sovereign (in charge of all things), what good is it to evangelize?

• Michael Sanelli will discuss how a proper Christology - the doctrine of Christ - is crucial to mission. When rightly applied, a right understanding of the person and work of Christ empowers mission; when wrongly understood, mission is hindered.


We want to encourage whole families to attend, so we have childcare through age nine and will have worksheets for older kids who can attend the classes with their parents.

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