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GRACE Life Archive



May: Cultivating a Heart of True Worship - Scott Denny
Why the Ascension of Christ Matters - Michael Sanelli
March: The Gospel’s Transforming Power and Our Mission to Share It - Scott Denny
February: Devotional and Practical Benefits of Union with Christ - Tony Sanelli
January: How to Read the New Testament in 8 Weeks - Pedro Cheung


December: Waiting in Hope - Scott Denny
November: Let Thanksgiving Triumph over Complaints! - Raymundo Estenoz
October: Living on Purpose - Matt Hauck
September: Comfort in the Darkness of Tragic Death - Michael Sanelli
August: Behold the Work of God - Luke Shelnutt
July: Ekklesia - Tom Kruggel
June: 8 Lessons I Learned from Mom - Pedro Cheung
May: A Window Into The Elder's Retreat - Scott Denny
April: Rejoicing in Christ our Righteousness - Tony Sanelli
March: Gospel Love & Gospel Words - Justin Schroeder
February: Knowing God's Will - Gordon Judd
January: Revisiting the Idea of PRACTICING GREATNESS - Chris Kiiskinen


December: "...you shall call his name Jesus..." - Tom Kruggel
November: Thanksgiving is a Lifestyle - Raymundo Estenoz 
October: A Gentle Ministry - Matt Hauck
September: Bidirectional Corporate Singing - Michael Sanelli
August: Bread From Heaven - Luke Shelnutt
July: Are You Still Limping? - Scott Denny
June: Benevolence in the Believer - Gordon Judd
May: Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled, Neither Let Them Be Afraid - Tom Kruggel
April: Christian Ministerial Academy of Costa Rica - Tony Sanelli
March: Why Plant Churches? - Ryan Rippee
February: The BLESSING of Family Worship - Pedro Cheung
January: Another Year Of Striving! - Chris Kiiskinen


December: From Promise to Fulfillment - Tony Sanelli
November: Take Hold - Tom Kruggel
October: Feeling Broken? - Chris Kiiskinen
September: How I Got so Tan on my Sabbatical... - Scott Denny
August: What it Means to BELONG to the Community of the New Covenant - Tony Sanelli
July: Do You Need A Sabbatical? - Chris Kiiskinen
June: These Are the Days - Tom Kruggel
May: The End of the Matter - Scott Denny
April: The Gift You Are to Us All - Tony Sanelli
March: Jesus Is Coming Back - Chris Kiiskinen
February: Dearest Grace Bible Church Family - Tom Kruggel
January: Did God Really Say? - Scott Denny


December: The Joy that Flows from Fellowship in the Gospel - Tony Sanelli
November: Is Scripture Alone Your Final Authority? - Chris Kiiskinen
October: This World Is Not My Home - Tom Kruggel
September: Fighting for UNITY - Scott Denny
August: Christ and Culture REVISITED - Tony Sanelli
July: HOPE - Tom Kruggel
June: The Elusive Blessing of Contentment - Chris Kiiskinen
May: Redeeming the Time and other Reflections during Shelter-in-place - Scott Denny
April: Considering the Great Commission in Light of Redemptive History - Jim Franklin
March: A Testimony of the Faithfulness of God - Neil Tilley
February: The Humiliation of Christ - Chris Kiiskinen
January: Nothing Ordinary About This - Tom Kruggel


December: Family Discipleship Update - Scott Denny
November: Daniel Resolved He Would Not Defile Himself - Tony Sanelli
October: What Is Your Epistemology? - Tim Menez
September: Seeking His Glory in All Things - Tony Sanelli
August: Taking a Look at Biblical Unity - Chris Kiiskinen
July: Relational Wisdom - REVISITED - Scott Denny
June: In the Beginning, there was… Work - Tom Kruggel
May: Generational Discipleship - Tony Sanelli
April: The Gospel is the POWER of God - Scott Denny
March: Revisiting Biblical Thinking - Chris Kiiskinen
February: Worth Waiting For - Tom Kruggel
January: A New Year - An Ancient Commitment - Tony Sanelli


December: Family Devotions: The Biblical Basis, Challenges and a Few Encouragements - Tony Sanelli
November: Sola Scriptura - Scripture Alone - Chris Kiiskinen
October: AUTUMN THAT NEVER ENDS - Tom Kruggel
September: MAKING DISCIPLES AT GBC - Tony Sanelli
August: Envy: A Joy Killer - Scott Denny
July: Suicide is NOT Painless - Scott Denny
June: Please Allow Me to Pester You - Chris Kiiskinen
May: My Bible - Tom Kruggel
April: “We have not men fit for the times.” - Tony Sanelli
March: Anchored to HOPE - Scott Denny
February: All Christians...Working Together - Chris Kiiskinen
January: A year to Remember, a year to Forget - Tom Kruggel


December: Christmas Is A Time To Be “In The World But Not Of The World” - Tony Sanelli
November: The Necessity of Community - Scott Denny
October: Diversity Of Thought... What Do You Think? - Chris Kiiskinen
September: Christ For Us (Justification) - Christ in Us (Sanctification) - Tony Sanelli 
August: Dear Martha - Tom Kruggel
July: Equipping the Equippers - Tony Sanelli
June: True Treasure - Scott Denny
May: Are You A Body Builder? - Chris Kiiskinen
April: The Sound of Silence - Tom Kruggel
March: An Invitation to Prayer - Tony Sanelli
February: No Greater Love - Scott Denny
January: An Unlikely 'Auld Lang Syne' - Tom Kruggel


December: What Would YOU Like for Christmas? - Chris Kiiskinen
November: From Adult Sunday School to Body Life Conferences - Tony Sanelli
October: Life Together - Scott Denny
September: Finding Your Fit in Enfolding - Tim Menez
August: House Churches - Chris Kiiskinen
July: The Pursuit of Happiness - Tom Kruggel
June: Responding to the Unexpected - Tony Sanelli
May: One Thing - Scott Denny
April: Remembering the Resurrection - Chris Kiiskinen
March: Garage Doors and JESUS - Tom Kruggel
February: Renewing the Mind in an Information-Saturated World - Tony Sanelli
January: The Fool - Scott Denny


December: To Be Known and To Know - Tom Kruggel
November: Practicing Greatness - Chris Kiiskinen
October: Ask for the Ancient Paths III - Tony Sanelli
September: Ask for the Ancient Paths II - Tony Sanelli
August: Ask for the Ancient Paths - Tony Sanelli
July: Biblical Counseling A Way of Life and a Ministry - Scott Denny
June: Moving Grace Bible Church Forwards for Christ Beyond 2015 - Tony Sanelli
May: Live What You KNOW - Chris Kiiskinen
April: Monday Thru Sunday - Tom Kruggel
March: Cultivating a Heart of True Worship - Tom Kruggel
February: Fit For the Times - Tony Sanelli
January: We Can't Fix Ferguson - Chris Kiiskinen


December: So Whats the Use? - Tom Kruggel
November: Words of the Wise - Scott Denny
October: Sabbatical Reflections - Tony Sanelli
September: A Season of Prayer - Scott Denny
August: Body Life During a Sabbatical - Chris Kiiskinen
July: Come Away - Tom Kruggel
June: Come into His Presence - Scott Denny
May: Conversion, the Result of Method or Miracle? - Tim Menez
April: So What Did You Give Up For Lent? - Chris Kiiskinen
March: Know Your Enemy - Tony Sanelli