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When you read the word “Missions”, what comes to mind? Grass Huts? Strange Food? Jungle Living?

What about, classrooms, essays, and diplomas?


The task of Mission has often been simplified to the act of evangelism, however, Christ’s commission to us is to not just go to the nations, making converts, rather he calls us specifically to make disciples, teaching them to observe all he has commanded us.

This year the theme of our Missions Conference (AKA: Missions Emphasis Week) will be “Entrusted.” We have a faith that was entrusted to us, and we as a local church play the key role to entrust it “to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”- 2 Timothy 2:2. This involves training, not just in the basics of the gospel, but in unpacking Christ-centered theology, bible study methods, and how to care for others pastorally.

This month, we’ll hear from several dear brothers who are actively involved in such a task.

Drobles-smallOn March 13th we’ll hear from Pastor David Robles, President of Berea Seminary in Leon, Spain. The country of Spain never experienced the Reformation, and we’ll hear from him how God is using Berea Seminary to build up solid pastors to lead the church in his country.

Monday, March 14th -  On March 14th Cheryl Worden from Child Evangelism Fellowship will be joining our women's ministry us to share about reaching unchurched children from Contra Costa County with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For those of you interested in teaching children, either in Sunday School, mission outreaches, or Backyard Bible Clubs, experiencing Cheryl's club presentation will not only be fun but time well spent in preparation for your own ministry. Please plan to join us from 7-9pm in Fellowship Hall!

Mid Week, on March 16th instead of meeting with our community groups, we’ll meet together at GBC at 7pm for a Workshop / Micro – Seminary course on “Doctrine Matters: Why Good Theology is Important to Mission”.


On March 20th The Academic Dean & Professor of NT at The Cornerstone Bible College and Seminary in Vallejo, will bring the Word of God to us. (We've withheld his name withheld for security purposes)

Special Offering: This year in place of our Benevolent offering we’ll also have a special offering on March 20th to help MEDA, a seminary we support in Siguatepeqe, Honduras. While there are many men who desire to grow in their ability to teach, MEDA has limited space and resources.

This year would you consider giving specifically towards their need for a new classroom building, to upgrade their aging campus network, and to help expand their library so that more pastors can be built up and trained to lead the church in Latin America?

We trust you will be encouraged by the word this year, and pray you will see more clearly how you can play a vital role in making disciples here and among the nations!

For more information, please contact the church office at 925-676-1584