Worship Services are Sundays at 9:00 & 11:15 am.

Bruce & Sandra Moscoso

Bruce and Sandra Moscoso, Pastor/Elder, Ebenezer Bible Church, Tijuana, Mexico


Bruce is the elder and teaching pastor at Ebenezer Bible Church in the Eagles Nest neighborhood of Tijuana, Mexico. He was discipled by Fernando Rocha for many years and has been an elder alongside Fernando for several years now, sharing the duties of preaching, teaching, and shepherding the congregation. When Fernando and Sylvia moved to Costa Rica to work with Edier and the new Bible institute, Academia Ministerios Cristiana (AMC), Bruce remained in Tijuana to pastor Ebenezer Church. Helping Bruce with church leadership are two deacons, Filipe and Esteban, a worship leader, Roberto, and two men preparing for eldership, Sergio Tapia and Andres Lopez. When that preparation is complete, those two will join Bruce as elders. The church continues its ministry with Sunday worship and Sunday School, youth ministry, women's ministry and Wednesday evening family group meetings.

Bruce is enthusiastic about having this privilege every day to preach the gospel, to exalt the name of Christ, to love and care for the congregation and to find the people who need to hear the gospel. This is something that God put into Bruce's heart from the moment of salvation more than 20 years ago. In addition to pastoring and discipling others in the church, Bruce is also pursuing an online theology degree from the Christian University of Mexico.

A major impending challenge for Ebenezer church is the new U.S./Mexico border crossing that is about to begin construction. Public information available is not complete, but suggests that eminent domain will likely take the property that the church building sits on and probably the homes of some members of the congregation, and make major changes to the layout of the entire Eagles Nest neighborhood. The church is actively investigating alternative places to meet and worship. Pray for Bruce to have wisdom, creativity, persistence, and compassion as he leads Ebenezer Church through this change with all of the uncertainties that will accompany this change.

Bruce was raised in Veracruz in a family that embraced witchcraft. He got into satanism as a young man. When he was 20, he came to Tijuana. There, he heard gospel from a pastor. At the time, Bruce was desparate and considering suicide because of the supernatural things that were happening in his life, making him very afraid. The pastor explained that Bruce had broken the law of God, thereby earning eternal death as his punishment, but that God, in His mercy, had sent Christ Jesus to die on the cross of Calvary as payment for Bruce's sins. God opened Bruce's heart through the hearing of the gospel. Bruce cried out to God, asking for mercy. For about two hours, Bruce cried in remorse, praying, "Forgive me Lord. Forgive me. Have mercy on me." As time passed, Bruced realized that something had happened inside him. He closed his eyes and prayed, "Lord, help me. I know I'm your son. I know that you saved me. I know that you forgave me." Later, a sister from church told him, "Bruce, what happened is that for many years you served Satan. Now, Christ has saved you. He has already made you a new creature. Satan does not want you to leave him, but now you belong to Christ and Satan has no more authority over you." A brother began discipling Bruce. The brother was very helpful to Bruce over the months, studying the Bible with him, helping and praying with Bruce when afflictions and temptations came into his life. About 2 years later, Bruce began attending a local Bible institute in Tijuana. There, he noticed Sandra who was also studying at the Bible institute. They began studying and doing homework together. They were married 2 years later. Now they have two sons, Bruce Jr. who is 18, and Brandon Jeremy, who is 11.