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Danny & Marti Pasquale

Danny Teaches at Italian Evangelical Bible Institute and is planting a church in Monte Porzio, Italy.

Danny Pasquale was born and raised in Italy where his parents were missionaries. In addition to being raised in a Christian home with two siblings, Christian camps in Italy had an important impact on his spiritual life.

danny-and-marti-pasqualeWhile attending college in Italy, he felt God’s call into ministry. After completing his engineering degree, he went to Denver, where his parent’s sending church, Littleton Bible Chapel, is located, in order to attend Denver Seminary.

After completing his Masters degree, he worked in youth ministries at Littleton Bible Chapel and taught math at a local Christian high school in order to pay off school loans.

Two years after graduation, Littleton Bible Chapel commissioned him to the ministry, and he left for Italy in June of 2007. He lives on the outskirts of Rome working with the Italian Evangelical Bible Institute. Two-thirds of his time is dedicated to teaching classes (e.g., Greek), mentoring the students in their projects (practical experience in Christian ministry), and working on administrative tasks as the Dean’s Assistant.

The other third of his time is dedicated to planting a church in the small community of Monte Porzio where he lives, about three miles from the Bible Institute’s main campus.

Currently, Danny has seven or eight people meeting weekly in his apartment for Bible study. Danny is also finding ways to meet people in Monte Porzio by coaching a soccer team for young teens and volunteering once a week at the Assisted Living Home for AIDS Patients. Distribution of Bible verse calendars is another means that he and another missionary are using to meet people and start conversations about God.

The Italian Bible Institute was founded in 1958 by Greater European Mission. In 1983, it became the Italian Evangelical Bible Institute in association with other churches. The Institute is accredited with the European Evangelical Accreditation Association, and its goal is to support Italian churches by preparing leaders.

Its main campus is a four story, converted country house with about 20 students in residence, studying for a B.Th. degree. Many of the professors are local pastors and missionaries serving across the country who take time from their normal schedule to come to Rome and teach a class, generally a highly intensive, two week session.

The Institute also has five satellite campuses at various locations throughout Italy. About 200 students, studying for a one year certificate, are being served through these additional campuses. This reaches out to believers who want to attend classes but can’t commit to full time study because of job schedules or finances.

In a similar format, the Institute is reaching another 50 students through correspondence studies. Many graduates are in secular jobs and are involved in their local churches. A fair number of the graduates have become local pastors, and a few have gone as missionaries from Italy to other locations around the world.