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Persecuted Church

persecuted-lg-correctIn an effort to keep the persecuted church in front of our people, the first Sunday of every month we'll feature a nation where the church endures persecution for the sake of Christ.

We encourage you to do one of two things:

  1. Incorporate that specific nation into your prayer time each month.
  2. Use the monthly prayer calendar from Open Doors USA which gives specific prayer requests for specific people groups/nations for a particular day or week.

Here's that link...

This Month: Lybia

This month we'd like to encourage you to pray for the church in Libya Here is a quote from Open Doors on the current situation in this country:

Christian persecution is a serious problem in that any Christians who publicly express their faith and try to share the gospel with others also face the risk of arrest and violence. The absence of a single central government to impose law and order in the county has made the situation for Christians precarious. The level of violence against Christians in Libya is very high, and Christians are subjected to violent, inhumane and degrading treatment.

For more information on how you can pray for the church in Libya, click here.