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Go Your Way to the End

The Triumph of God's Everlasting Kingdom

May 17, 2020

by: Tony Sanelli Series: The Triumph of God's Everlasting Kingdom | Scripture: Daniel 12:5–12:13

This is the full service from May 17th, 2020. The format has been changed to accommodate the current Health and Safety precautions from the County Health Department. Our text is Daniel 12:5-13.

Go Your Way to the End

Intro & review (Dan 12:1-4) • A Severe Suffering
• A Divine Deliverance
• A Final Separation

Vs 4 – Daniel was to seal the scroll in order to preserve it for the future (cf. Jer. 32:9-12)

1 – How long shall it be to the end of these wonders?

  • The question is about the duration of the time of suffering.

  • The “wonders” refer to the evil actions and words of the Antichrist (7:25; 9:27).

    There is an appointed amount of persecution which God’s people must endure.

  • These sufferings are the Messianic woes shared by his people (Jn. 15:18-25; Acts 14:22; Rom 8:17, 36; Col 1:24; 1 Pet 2:21)

  • God delivers His people when all seems lost (12:7).

  • This is a pattern throughout Daniel (Dan 2, 7, 8, 10-12).

    God’s power & our deliverance come not through our strength but through our weakness.

  • Like Moses when Israel’s back was to the Red Sea (Ex 14:21)

  • This is the emphasis of the New Testament (Rom 5:8; 1 Cor 1:27; 2 Cor 12:10)

2 – What shall be the outcome of these things?

  • The end shall have a two-fold effect:
  • Believerswillbepurifiedandunderstand(cf.1Th.5:1)
  • The wicked shall continuing theirwicked ness and blindness(2Th.2:7-12;Rev 22:11-15)

The righteous are distinguished & purified by their suffering (Dan 11:35; Mal 3:2-3; 1 Pet 1:6-7; James 1:2-4; Rev 7:13-14).

The sad fate of the lost is ultimately their own responsibility (Matt 23:37; Jn. 5:40; Heb 3:15)

• How can one be spared? Heed the warnings and answer the invitation of the Lord. The life of faith does NOT require you to know everything.

Final word - Go your way knowing you shall rest, rise and receive!

Discussion Questions

1. What realities about God and the future have most excited you as we studied Daniel? 2. Which of the principles in this study impact you the most? How so?
3. Knowing what you now know about the end how might “going your way” change?