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June 12th, 2020

Greetings Church Family,


Here is the latest on what is happening in regard to the church reopening.


  1. Starting Monday, the church office will be back open with normal operation...kinda. There will be a few guidelines that we will be following that will limit the number of people that can be in the office at one time, and a few other guidelines we'll be implementing. So if you stop by, you'll certainly notice things like this being followed. For now, we'll be allowing just 1 person in the front of the office at a time, with a maximum of 12 in the entire office. But we are glad to start getting back to normal after all this time. 
  2. Reminder that groups of 12 can now meet at the church, but times will be restricted to non-office hours. The Fellowship Hall has been set up with tables and chairs, socially distanced, for anyone to use. If your ministry is interested in having a group meeting at the church, call the church office to see if your desired day and time is available in order to make a reservation for your group. 
  3. Reminder that larger groups (up to 100) can meet at the church outside. If you’re ministry is interested in having a group meeting outside, contact the church office for details and to also reserve your spot.




As we prepare to reopen, we will be following guidelines put out by the State and/or County. As a result, these are the things that you will experience as we start to head back to church. Keep in mind that depending on changes the County can make at any time, these could also change at any time. 


  1. Before coming to church, be sure you are not sick. If you are, please stay home and tune in to our live stream.
  2. There will be a lot of signs! Please pay attention to them as we want our reopening to go smoothly and comfortably for all.
  3. Some doors will not be in use. For now, plan to use the main entrance to the building from the courtyard.
  4. Bring your face covering. As of now, they will be required for all in attendance except for children under 2 or anyone with any breathing difficulties (per the CDC guidelines).
  5. There will be plenty of hand sanitizer around for you to use. And remember...wash your hands for 20 seconds!
  6. Initially, there won't be any Children's Education or Nursery/Tiny Tots classes available, so children will need to be with their parents in the worship service.
  7. We will be practicing social distancing so come early to help with getting people seated appropriately. Ushers will assist with this process.
  8. Currently there are no restrictions placed on churches that would prevent us from spending some time in fellowship after the service. If you do so, please remember to practice social distancing, keep your masks on and be sure to consider the needs of others ahead of your own.




The County has put out a flyer that indicates that, starting July 1, "Indoor Religious Services" will be part of their next reopening phase. But they have not yet put out any information about what that will look like, how many people that will involve, nor anything else about what we can expect. I'm checking daily to keep up on what they are putting out so that as soon as we know and have formulated our next steps, we will then let you know how we're progressing. 


Please continue to pray for us as we wade through these waters!


On behalf of the Elders,



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