Worship Services are Sundays at 9:00 & 11:15 am.

Leadership and Staff

We believe the Bible teaches that God established two distinct offices for the shepherding and care of His church. The office of elder (1Timothy 3:1-7) and the office of deacon (Acts 6:1-6). It is God’s intention for His church to have clear division of labor between the offices so that there can be a clear understanding between elders and deacons (and in the mind of the church) of who, what, and how He desires His church to be tended to, fed, protected, cared for and taught.

Some of our elders serve on paid staff and some are like the Apostle Paul, tentmakers, as they make their living outside the church.

We also have other folks who work for the church that help share the load of ministry life here at Grace.

Please feel free to follow the links to learn more about who those folks are and how they serve here at Grace.