Pablo pastors Fountain of Living Water Church in San Quintin, Mexico

ramirezLiving Water Church is a small church on the Pacific coast in Baja California in Mexico.  Pablo started the church in 2001 with the vision to "Reach the Lost, Disciple the believers, Equip them for ministry and Send them where God has opened doors" (from Matthew 28:19-20).  The past couple of years has been challenging for the church because of the impact of Covid and because of the increasing cartel violence throughout Mexico.  Pablo remains faithful in preaching on the person and work of Jesus Christ, and the providence of God who controls all things, including our lives.  San Quintin is located in a large valley filled with agri-businesses, so there are a lot of migrant farm workers that come and go with the harvesting seasons.  The area itself is predominantly low-income, which brings its own challenges for growing the church.  One of the important challenges at present is leadership development.  There are a few men within the congregation preparing under Pablo's guidance for various aspects of leadership.  Establishing this larger, core leadership team is important for the church's future.

In 1997, suffering from alcohol addiction, Pablo Ramirez met Christ through the brother of his landlord and began attending church in Tijuana. It is there that he met his first wife, Esperanza.  Later, they left Tijuana and began a small business in San Quintín. Friends, neighbors and clients with whom Pablo was sharing the gospel encouraged Pablo to start a church.  So, with just a handful of people, Pablo did start Fountain of Living Waters Church in San Quintin in 2001.  By 2008, Pablo had completed all of his Bible training at the Bible Institute in Tijuana, and the church was growing. 

A few years later, in 2011, Pablo's wife, Esperanza, went home to be with the Lord after a long battle with diabetes. In secret she had been asking her children to pray for a wife for Pablo to help in the ministry. Shortly thereafter, Pablo met Lupita and the two were married in November 2011. They serve together in San Quintin with other faithful men, preaching the gospel and ministering to their community.