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We exist to magnify the glory of God through Jesus Christ in all things…
…by extending His grace in missions.

At Grace Bible Church we believe that to engage in mission is to be sent with the purpose of proclaiming the gospel, building local congregations who reproduce other local congregations who are faithful to the gospel message.

We believe the mission of the Church consists of three main categories: Primary Evangelism, Church Planting and Maintaining Orthodoxy.

Primary Evangelism:

Just as we see in Paul’s journeys of going to the Gentiles for the sake of Christ, Primary Evangelism is reaching into a particular people group or region where there is no gospel presence. We believe in reaching peoples who do not have a sustainable gospel witness within their own geo/linguistic/tribal structure. A missionary today is ‘sent’ to these people for the purpose of declaring the gospel, then establishing a local church, and supporting it as it develops.

Church Planting:

While Paul’s main thrust in his ministry was to preach where he could find no more “room left” (Romans 15:23), he was also engaged in establishing support systems for the new believers to grow together and do the work of the ministry. He did this by appointing elders or leaving temporary workers to train the local church leaders. Church Planting is the purposeful ‘sending’ of pastors and ministry teams to establish churches within a community that already has an established gospel presence, yet needs more gospel workers.

Maintaining Orthodoxy:

Finally, mission is addressed in the area of orthodoxy. The letters of Paul, John, Jude, and James speak of the need for consistency and faithfulness to the gospel message. This is accomplished, in part, through the exhortation of elders, training of teachers, and discernment of false teachings. Maintaining Orthodoxy in new and young gospel fields where missionaries are working is vital in equipping the local congregation of saints to be involved in the work of the ministry locally, as well as to multiply more congregations globally.

Mission at GBC

We strive to maintain a balanced approach in each of these areas. We long to reach into areas of the world that have yet to hear of the glorious news of Jesus Christ, as well as to see like-minded churches planted and pastors trained. As such, we desire to send out saints from our own congregation to work alongside our ministry partners.

How do I get involved?


Not all are called to travel to distant people groups or cultures. You might be called to send. Here are some ways you can partner in the cause of the Gospel as one who sends:

Get to know our missionaries:

Support our missionaries through these means:


If God has laid it on your heart to bring the gospel to the nations, we want to help. Here are some ways you can begin your journey to serve Christ on the mission field:

The Missions Ministry of Grace Bible Church can be contacted through the church office at 925-676-1584.