Ray Palompo is pastor of Island Grace Church in Mililani, Hawaii on Oahu.  He started the church in 2009.

Ray pastors Island Grace Church (IGC) on Oahu, Hawaii.
Ray started IGC in 2009 on Oahu as a home Bible study. It has grown into a church with worship service attendance of about 55 each week.  The church now has 3 elders and one more man nearing completion of his
Palompo April 2024 preparation to become the 4th elder.  Four more young men are being discipled to serve the church in leadership.  IGC uses the facilities of Trinity Church Central Oahu in the town of Mililani, holding their Sunday services at 3:00 pm in the afternoon, with children's programs up through 5th grade.  Once a quarter, they have a fellowship potluck meal after the Sunday service.  There are also 4 Growth Groups that meet for fellowship and teaching during the week.  Women's ministry includes a Women's Sunday School that meets once a month, a Mom's Club for women with elementary aged children, and mentoring available through IGC's Discipleship Ministry.  Youth ministry also meets weekly for fellowship, songs, and hearing God's Word.

Ray became a Christian as a teenager while attending a youth camp. There, Ray saw his need to worship and obey the Creator, to submit totally in a relationship with Christ. Soon after that, Ray and his siblings were actively inviting friends and relatives to join their Bible study. One of those friends who came and also found Christ there was Lirio. Ray later worked as youth pastor at Community Bible Church (CBC) for many years before moving to Hawaii to start IGC. Ray and Lirio have 3 grown children, Brandon, Marjory (who is married to Alex), and Samuel.